3 Features To Look For In A High-Quality HD Video Recorder For Wildlife Filming

12 May 2017
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There is something so majestic about the creatures that inhabit the corners of this planet, but many people would never see their beauty without the availability of video technology. If you have a passion for capturing wildlife in their natural habitats, there is no doubt you will invest a great deal of time into finding the best video recorder for the job. The top feature you must have is a camera with the capability of capturing HD imagery, but beyond that, there are three other important features to look for when buying a video recorder. Read More 

3 Tips For Making The Most Of Your Internet Use

27 April 2017
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When you need to make the absolute most out of your internet service, there are a variety of steps that you can take which will be the most useful to you. The tips below will teach you all about how to get the fastest internet service, protect yourself from cyber threats and mask your IP address. With this in mind, make the most out of these tips below in order to capitalize on the best internet use available to you. Read More 

Three Reasons Why So Many Internet-Based Companies Haven’t Upgraded To IPV6

19 April 2017
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Certain email companies and internet-based companies operate using IPV4, an almost outdated internet protocol. If you are not sure what internet protocol a website is using, you can always check by clicking on the "information" link on the bottom of a page or by opening web source information with a right click on your mouse and then clicking on "view web page source." This should tell you if a company is using IPV4 or IPV6. Read More 

Wireless Phone Charges 101: An Intro For Curious Consumers

8 April 2017
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When you rely so much on your cell phone for day-to-day life, you will spend way more time than you like looking for, connected to, and fumbling with a wired phone charger. Not only can this get pretty annoying and frustrating, constantly fumbling to get connected through the charging port of your phone can leave your phone damaged. Thankfully, advances in modern technology have given cell phone users a new options for keeping their battery charged in the form of wireless phone chargers, such as from TYLT. Read More 

Turning Your Website Into an App

31 March 2017
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A lot of web traffic is going towards mobile devices, so if you only have a website that's optimized for desktop viewing, you may be losing customers and not even know it. But designing a mobile app or website yourself may not be something that you have the skills or time to do. In that case, hiring a mobile developer is a great way to get a quality website or app map. Read More