The Discreet Solution For Security: Four Reasons To Consider A Hidden Security Camera

7 June 2016
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Security cameras are a great way to deter theft and loss of personal property, but these devices can also be used in a variety of ways. One particular type of security camera is what is known as a hidden or "spy" camera. This is a concealed camera that captures audio and video of subjects without their knowledge. The hidden camera may be disguised as an ordinary household object such as a plant, a stuffed animal or a wall clock. If you are wondering what purpose a spy camera may be used for, here are four good reasons to consider one:

1. Monitor Your Nanny With a Nanny Cam

As a parent, your child's safety and security should be a top priority. Do you trust the care of your child to a nanny or babysitter? If you would like to closely monitor activities in your child's environment, a hidden "nanny camera" might be something you need to consider. Why not monitor your nanny and child in a most discreet manner with a hidden teddy bear/DVR camera?

This device looks just like an ordinary plush toy, yet it runs on rechargeable batteries and it records and captures audio and video that may be played back on just about any television or computer. This device is typically motion activated to save battery life. Other types of nanny "spy" cameras are those that resemble a dictionary, book, tower fan, or even a digital photo frame. You might find these options and others at a dealer that specializes in security or surveillance equipment.

2. Catch a Cheating Partner in the Act

Some individuals that suspect a partner or spouse of infidelity rely on hidden cameras for security and proof of their suspicions. For instance, one might purchase special computer software with built-in camera for monitoring online activities. There are also spy cameras designed to look like a jewelry box, clock radio or even a smoke detector.

3. Protect Your Property With an Outdoor Hidden Camera

Motion activated cameras are great for monitoring suspicious activity on your property, but some are easily detected by intruders. A hidden camera is a good option for outdoor placement, as it can blend in with the surrounding environment or landscape, and many resemble an ordinary lawn ornament. Another good example of an outdoor spy camera is one designed to resemble a boulder, stone or rock. Inside the "rock" is a concealed camera that records audio and video. For this purpose, it's best to choose a hidden camera with "night vision" that will record in total darkness, as well as one that captures a large field of view.

4. Prevent Retail Loss in Your Business

Did you know that much of the retail "shrink" or loss accounted in many companies is due to employee theft? Experts say that up to 68 percent of this shrinkage in a retail business may be prevented. If you own or operate a business and you are concerned about this issue, why not consider installing a hidden camera as a solution to retail loss prevention?

Set up a hidden camera in some inconspicuous location where merchandise or inventory is kept. For example, you might want to place one on a loading dock where product is delivered and sorted. How about a POS (Point of Sale) area? A storage room is another spot to consider.

A hidden security camera is also an excellent way to help prevent retail loss from shoplifters. Some professional investigators hired by retailers also wear body surveillance hidden cameras that may be concealed in an article of clothing such as a hat, or even in their eyeglasses.