How Satellite Two-Way Radios Can Increase The Enjoyment And Safety Of Your Next Boy Scout Outing

21 October 2016
 Categories: Technology, Blog


For many years, the Boy Scouts have been known to spend a great deal of time in the forest, camping, and taking long hikes. Many Boy Scout troop leaders are skilled outdoorsmen and have no problem navigating through miles and miles of wooded areas. However, when more than one troop is hiking in different directions, maintaining contact with one another is extremely important. Check out the reasons your Boy Scout troop will benefit from using two-way satellite radios while out hiking in deeply wooded areas.

Staying In Touch When Miles Apart Matters

If your troop of Scouts is far away from another troop, keeping in touch is best for making sure each group is not in trouble. High-quality satellite two-way radios will give you the technology to remain in contact with other troops, some doing so up to several miles. However, the number of miles your radio will make contact depends on several factors, including being the lay of the land and, in some cases, the weather. Bear in mind the more wattage your radios have backing them up, the farther the distance they can reach for making contact. If one of the scouts in your troop falls and gets hurt, you may need to quickly alert the other troop leader that you are hiking out to seek medical care. Also, if you are hiking near to a base site, you can use your two-way radio to reach out for help that would be even faster than hiking out. A two-way satellite radio can provide a safety net for you and your troops.

Deciding On A Meeting Destination

After a long day of hiking and exploring the wilderness, your troop and any other troops may need to designate a meeting place. If you do not have an effective way to communicate, you and your Scouts could end up setting camp up in an area far from other troops. If you and other leaders had any plans for gathering all the Scouts, it could be ruined if you are unable to catch up with other troops before nightfall. When you have a way to talk to the other troops, you will know exactly how far you need to go to find them. In this way, your Scouts can enjoy a night of camping with other troops.

The whole point of taking your Scouts out is to enjoy the natural environment and one another's company. By having a way to make contact to other troops, you can also feel safer and more secure in a wilderness setting.