Are Scanners Still Valid Office Equipment? Your Questions Answered

23 January 2017
 Categories: Technology, Blog


Scanners used to be the size of a thick laptop or word processor and utilized a copy bed and a flip-open lid. Now, you can use scanning devices that fit in the palm of your hand, stand up on your desk, and are even incorporated into desktop printers. The question (among others) that remains then is whether scanners are still a valid piece of office equipment? That question, plus a few others, are answered below.

Are Scanners Still Valid Office Equipment?

The answer to this question may surprise you, but yes, scanners are still valid office equipment. In doctors' offices and clinics they scan your ID and your medical-insurance cards. In business, they create quick, easy-to-file copies of reports and documents, which are then sent as email attachments or filed under specific folders on your desktop or laptop computer. When you do not have a functioning fax machine, other businesses accept the scanned copies of originals in order to get the documents needed within the same hour of requesting them.

Can Scanners Copy Both Sides of a Printed Sheet or Card at the Same Time?

Old-school scanners could copy only one side at a time, and that made them tedious to use. Now you can scan both sides of a printed paper document or card as long as the scanner is equipped to do so. Usually only a basic handheld model of a scanner scans a single page. Most of the other scanners you can buy for office and personal use will scan both sides of anything you put into it or feed through it.

Can You Print a Copy of the Scanned Items and Include Both Sides on a Single Sheet?

So, if you want to scan and print both sides of an ID card on a single sheet of paper, you can. You may have to select the size of the print in the software for the scanner and then select the paper size to print. That alone should give you enough room on the page to print your scanned item, front and back, on one side of a single sheet of paper.

Most scanners are incorporated into printers and copiers as well as multi-function office machines. If you want just the scanner for desktop use, lots of office supply stores carry them. You may even be able to find the handheld scanners at hobby and craft stores in their paper craft departments.