Turning Your Website Into an App

31 March 2017
 Categories: Technology, Blog


A lot of web traffic is going towards mobile devices, so if you only have a website that's optimized for desktop viewing, you may be losing customers and not even know it. But designing a mobile app or website yourself may not be something that you have the skills or time to do. In that case, hiring a mobile developer is a great way to get a quality website or app map.

Knowing the Benefits of an App

If you aren't aware of all of the different ways to design mobile content, that will be a good starting point for discussion with your mobile phone app developers.

Maybe all you need is a mobile-responsive design for your website. Your desktop website is probably laid out with a wide screen in mind, but when people view that content on their phones, they have to scroll around a lot to view all of your content. That can be a frustrating experience that causes people to leave the site, perhaps with the intention of coming back later, but perhaps to visit a competitor's mobile optimized website. You could try a mobile responsive website design that resizes or reorganizes content for different screen sizes and different orientations of the phone. 

Sometimes, an app really is the right strategy. If your application will require a lot of memory, it is a good idea to have users immersed in your screen so that they aren't running other processes at the same time that require a lot of memory. An app is a nice touch that can create loyal customers if your app is fully functional. 

Hybrid apps are similar to an app, but users don't have to download and install them to the phone. That is a good choice if you want the website to behave like an app but be more friendly to single-time visitors. 

Finding a Developer

The first step will be to find mobile phone app developers that you trust to design your users' mobile experience. Look for examples of their work specifically on the mobile platform, and ideally for both Android and iPhone devices. You should looking for their levels of experience, their design sense and how it fits with your current website design, and their ability to walk you through the various custom options for creating a mobile experience. 

Understanding Design and Development

The last stage is designing and developing the content of your mobile app or site. Make sure to put in your input many times through development so that the final product is as expected to you and your developers.  

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