3 Features To Look For In A High-Quality HD Video Recorder For Wildlife Filming

12 May 2017
 Categories: Technology, Blog


There is something so majestic about the creatures that inhabit the corners of this planet, but many people would never see their beauty without the availability of video technology. If you have a passion for capturing wildlife in their natural habitats, there is no doubt you will invest a great deal of time into finding the best video recorder for the job. The top feature you must have is a camera with the capability of capturing HD imagery, but beyond that, there are three other important features to look for when buying a video recorder. 

Quick Focus Capabilities - If you have done any work at all in trying to film wildlife in their natural habitat, you know that getting that perfect shot can take extremely long hours of tracking down the animals and then simply observing them. Therefore, when that perfect shot becomes a possibility, the last thing you want is to be left waiting for the camera to focus on the subject. Look for a video recorder that offers hands-free, auto-focus capabilities at a rapid rate so you will not be left without a good video because the camcorder did not focus in time for you to get the shot.

Silent Digital Zoom - The more digital zoom a recorder offers, the more likely it will be that you can get videos of the animals you are filming because you can keep your distance. However, some lower quality HD recorders have these bulky, mechanical zoom lenses that make a lot of racket when you hit the button to get a closer look and zoom in. Make sure you buy HD recorders online that have digital zoom features instead of manual, which means the zoom feature is a computer-controlled action that allows the recorder to digitally enhance images to bring them closer into view. 

Lightweight Portability - Think about the usual recording equipment producers use to film, and think about how hard it would be to drag all of that equipment through the wilderness. Your search for animals in the wild to film can and will take you to many places and through many types of terrain. Therefore, it is best if the recorder you carry along with you is compact and lightweight enough to be portable and not cumbersome to carry long distances. Some nice HD recorders are made with cases made from aluminum allow and lightweight plastics so they are extremely easy to pack along.