6 Business Benefits Of Using Colocation Services

30 December 2014
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If you own or manage a small-to-medium sized business or are considering opening one, you're probably wondering about effective and efficient ways to arrange to have your IT needs met. While many businesses choose to hire and maintain full-time, in-house IT staff, others are discovering that using colocation services best suits their individual needs and preferences. Following are the six top reasons why you should consider using one of these services for your IT needs.

It's Cost-Effective

You undoubtedly already know that IT expenditures can take quite a chunk out of any company's budget. Colocation services charge set monthly fees that are dependent on specific services required, enabling you to accurately budget for IT expenditures. Not only are these fees less than the cost of an average on-site IT team, but you'll also save significantly on equipment costs associated with having in-house IT staff, and you won't have to worry about losing valuable time and data due to equipment and system malfunctions.

It Can Be Customized

Colocation services can easily be customized to suit the individual needs of your business. A representative of the colocation company will meet with you and do an assessment of your IT needs in order to build a customized package specific to your business. Examples of customization include varying sizes of dedicated server space, private suites, and locking cabinets.

It's Safe and Secure

Buildings that house colocation services are among the most secure structures on the planet. Along with physical security guards, these buildings feature closefisted cameras, state-of-the-art alarm systems, and coded access. They are also equipped with the best possible fire suppression systems. Custom security options such as biometric scanning and special locking systems are available on standard secure cages and cabinets.

It Comes With Redundancy Services

Individual redundancy plans for small and medium sized businesses can be extremely expensive, but the potential alternative of losing substantial amounts of data due to storms is usually far worse. Marine storms in Seattle WA sometimes result in power outages, and this can interrupt service and even cause data loss in some cases. A colocation service will have safeguards in place to ensure that connections are not lost or interrupted as a result of power outages such as backup generators that enable connections to be quickly and smoothly switched over in the event of a massive power outage.

It Provides the Latest Technology

Because they purchase in bulk, colocation companies can afford the latest in technology and internet services, and they are constantly upgrading as technological advances are made. This provides small- and medium-sized businesses with excellent value that most of them would probably not otherwise have access to. They also use state-of-the-art firewall protection in order to keep your data as safe as possible.

It Give You Room to Grow

One of the major benefits to businesses of using colocation services is they provide fast scalability as your data needs change. For instance, it is not at all unusual for individual businesses to have to wait weeks or months waiting for the opportunity to scale bandwidth up or down, and this can significantly impact business operations in a bad way. Most of the time, a colocation company can scale more or less bandwidth within a matter of hours. This is an especially attractive option for those whose businesses

Many businesses are finding that mixing internal IT staff with colocation provides just the right blend of services for keeping their IT needs met as efficiently as possible. With cloud computing becoming more and more common in today's global business environment, colocation services will continue to expand as a preferable alternative to traditional IT infrastructure.

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