5 Dos And Don’ts To Remember When Assembling A Home Theater System

5 January 2017
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If you are planning to create a new home theater system, you probably have an idea of the components you wish to purchase. Of course you'll need audio and video, as well as seating, but there's a lot more to keep in mind as you create your home theater environment. Among other things, you'll want to ensure you have proper lighting, good choice and placement of speakers, and the best height for your TV. Read More 

3 Things To Consider For Home Theater Seating

2 November 2016
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Choosing the right seats for your home theater is about as important as picking the right audio components or projector. After all, if viewers aren't comfortable, no one's going to stick around. Before making a final decision, you'll need to consider not just comfort, but available space as well. To simplify the process, here are three things that will ultimately determine the best seating arrangement for your home theater. Type of Chair Read More 

The Discreet Solution For Security: Four Reasons To Consider A Hidden Security Camera

7 June 2016
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Security cameras are a great way to deter theft and loss of personal property, but these devices can also be used in a variety of ways. One particular type of security camera is what is known as a hidden or "spy" camera. This is a concealed camera that captures audio and video of subjects without their knowledge. The hidden camera may be disguised as an ordinary household object such as a plant, a stuffed animal or a wall clock. Read More 

Considering Starting A Drone Business? Here Are Some Businesses To Market To

13 August 2015
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Now that the FAA has approved the drones for commercial use by filing for exemptions to obtain permits, you may be considering starting a drone business. Many businesses can use the images and videos obtained by drones but some businesses may not meet the requirements for the exemption. When they don't, they will look for drone operators to obtain the images and videos they need for their business. If you are considering a commercial venture in drones, you'll need to know which types of businesses to market to. Read More 

How To Provide A Long, Healthy Life For Your Printers

14 April 2015
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Printers are office workhorses and they seldom receive respect in return for the work they do. However, printers can fail prematurely if they aren't used correctly or if preventative maintenance is ignored. Below are some simple things you can do to keep your printers operational for a long time: Materials and tools you will need Isopropyl rubbing alcohol – use 91% or higher concentration to speed up evaporation and lessen the risk of water entering sensitive components. Read More