3 Great Uses For Sewer Pipe Cameras

5 February 2015
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If you've ever wondered what the purpose of a sewer camera is, you may be surprised to know that they can be useful in a variety of situations. For instance, if you are considering buying a new home, having a sewer pipe inspection using a camera can eliminate plumbing surprises after you purchase the property. They can also be used to help reduce the time and costs of sewer line replacement and repair for existing property owners. Basically, a camera allows the plumbing contractor to see exactly what's going on down there. Following are three great uses for sewer pipe cameras.

Tree Root Intrusions

Tree roots can create substantial difficulties for homeowners when they grow into sewer lines. Besides simply clogging up the lines, they can damage the pipes themselves if allowed to grow unchecked. Regular cleaning of the sewer line by an experienced professional will help keep tree root intrusions in sewer pipes down, and in cases where tree roots pose an ongoing, serious problem, they may decide to install a physical barrier underground to keep them out of the pipes.  A sewer camera for sale can be used to inspect an area and  pinpoint the exact location of tree root intrusions, saving significant time and money by minimizing the guesswork involved when it comes time to put physical barriers in place.

Pipe Problems

Sewer pipes can potentially have a variety of problems that can be difficult for even the most experienced plumbers to diagnose from an above-ground vantage point. A sewer camera inspection will help identify the following conditions so that the plumber can devise a repair plan:

  • Broken pipes. Broken pipes can create environmental hazards as well as involve considerable repair costs. Because the symptoms of broken and clogged pipes are identical, a sewer camera inspection can accurately identify the exact problem before going to the expense of digging in the area in order to visually inspect the pipes. This can save homeowners money on repair costs by pinpointing the exact location of the break. Also, if it turns out to be a clog, it can often be repaired from above the ground.
  • Corroded pipes. Corrosion is a natural part of the aging process of sewer pipes, and because it results in the pipes becoming increasingly thinner until they eventually collapse, corroded pipes need to be replaced as soon as possible. Corrosion is the result of both contact with exterior soil and water as well as from microbes that cause corrosion on the interior of sewer pipes.
  • Misaligned pipes. Misaligned pipes are another problem where  sewer cameras are highly helpful. They share symptoms with broken and clogged pipes, and like these other issues, being able to properly identify them can save time and money. Before sewer camera technology made it possible to locate the exact point of the defect, plumbing contractors often made deep excavations that completely missed the mark, resulting in conflicts between homeowners and plumbers.

Locating Lost Valuables

It used to be that once your wedding ring or other valuable piece of jewelry went down the drain, it was lost for good. Sewer cameras have changed this, however, making it possible to locate jewelry and other valuable objects that inadvertently end up in the plumbing. The most common scenario is for an engagement or wedding ring to get knocked down the drain of the kitchen sink during the course of performing routine household chores. If this happens to you, be sure to check the "clean out" section of the drain first. The "clean out" section is located directly under the sink and is designed to capture solid items that fall down the drain. If your ring isn't there, don't run any water or otherwise use the sink and call a plumber immediately.