3 Ways To Personalize Your Telemarketing Job

19 March 2015
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If you have recently started working at a call center, you may wonder how to get more people to listen to your pitch. It is normal to feel slightly intimidated when calling people you do not know and new telemarketers may become frustrated with the lack of warm responses to their efforts. To make telemarketing more interesting and engaging for both yourself and the person you are calling, you should do a few simple things to personalize the experience. 

Put a Face to the Voice 

Many new telemarketers are unsure about making calls to people they do not know. They hesitate during the call or over-apologize for calling, both of which can immediately make the potential customer lose interest. On the other end of the spectrum, experienced telemarketers may find that calls start to blend together over time, making it difficult to treat each call as individual and important. 

To avoid both of these, you can try putting a face to the people you are calling. Although you will not be able to put their face to their voice, you can keep a small booklet of pictures next to your phone. At the beginning of a call, quickly flip through your booklet to put a face to the person you are speaking with. If you use photos of people you know, your voice will automatically sound warmer and more friendly. If you are more comfortable using pictures of people you do not know, you can cut out interesting photos from magazines and paste them into a small notebook for a similar effect. 

Get Intimate With Your Product

Many call centers rely on their scripts or computer training to teach their employees about the products they are calling about. While this can give you important information that you should share with your potential clients, it is not a substitute for actually handling the product. If you are consistently calling for one or two products, services, or causes, you should find a way to get to know them more intimately. 

For products, you can check them out at the store or, for a long term project, consider purchasing one for yourself. For services, you should try to meet the team providing the service. For a fundraising cause, you should spend five minutes meeting someone who will benefit from your fundraising. This will make you more passionate about your calls and your clients will often be able to recognize your passion and intimate knowledge. As an added bonus, you may find your work more interesting if you have first-hand experience with your product. 

However, you should be aware of your time and investment in each product, service, or cause you are calling about. If you are constantly changing topics, it may not be worth your time to go out and do extra research on each one. 

Share Something About Yourself 

When you make a call, you usually know a little about the person you are calling, even if it is only their first and last name. They, however, know nothing about you. When you begin your call, you should share your name. As the call progresses, you should occasionally share some of your honest opinions and preferences. While you should be careful to not make the call about yourself, sharing a little about yourself increases your client's trust. It also helps you remain engaged in each call and can prevent burnout by making calling more of a conversation and less of a rehearsed script. 

As you become a more experienced telemarketer, you will develop your own style and learn what works for you. Until then, try these little tips to personalize the experience. For more information about telemarketing, check out some telemarketing companies online.