Considering Starting A Drone Business? Here Are Some Businesses To Market To

13 August 2015
 Categories: Technology, Articles


Now that the FAA has approved the drones for commercial use by filing for exemptions to obtain permits, you may be considering starting a drone business. Many businesses can use the images and videos obtained by drones but some businesses may not meet the requirements for the exemption. When they don't, they will look for drone operators to obtain the images and videos they need for their business. If you are considering a commercial venture in drones, you'll need to know which types of businesses to market to. Here are a few ideas.

Real estate agencies

The aerial images from drones can help realtors by allowing their clients to view images they otherwise could not see. The images obtained can then be placed on a website so potential buyers can view the properties from the comfort of their homes and offices. Drones can record images of the homes and properties, as well as the views from each window. Buyers can see the neighborhood from above, which may help them reach a decision without actually driving to the property.

Property developers

Property developers can use images from drones, as a backdrop, and overlay computer-generated images of their property development plans. This can give them a better idea of what the construction results will look like before ground is broken at the beginning of the development phases. During construction, drones can be used to assess the property to determine if everything is going according to schedule. That way, the developers can delay a particular phase if the previous phase has not completed. After construction has completed, property developers can use images and videos to market the property to buyers.

Inspectors & Insurance Companies

In order for inspectors and insurance adjustors to do their jobs, they have to inspect the entire building and property, which can be challenging when a property is in disrepair or when it's not feasible to climb a ladder to the roof. The use of drones to inspect roofing and chimneys eliminates the dangers of falling from ladders and/or falling through decayed roofing. Property that is extensively damaged from fires can be easily inspected with drones without worrying about safety issues. Areas that are flooded can be assessed as well.

Mapping & Surveying

Companies that provide mapping and surveying sometimes find it challenging to do so in remote locations and in dangerous areas. For example, the site of a plane wreck can be videoed with a GPS-capable drone to provide researchers with a lay-out of the damaged plane as well as the surrounding area. This may help them reach a conclusion as to what happened to cause the plane to crash. Surveying crews can use the images from drones to assess changes in the landscape of remote locations.


Farmers continually need to assess the condition of crops, livestock and property. Since most farms are on large properties, assessing the condition can be a full-time job. Also, farmers need to assess crops with as little disturbance to the plants as possible. Drones can be used by farmers to inspect all areas of their property, including each leaf of a withered corn stalk, if necessary.

Security & Surveillance

Large commercial properties sometimes need to assess security risks, which can be done by a drone. A drone may reach a security breach faster than a security guard, in some cases, especially when an alarm sounds that a remote area needs immediate attention. Drones can also be used to inspect chain link fencing and other security obstacles for breaches in security.

Now that you have an idea of the types of industries and businesses that can benefit from the use of drones, start marketing to them in your area to see if it's feasible to start a drone business of your own. You can purchase drones for your business from a company online at a site like