5 Dos And Don'ts To Remember When Assembling A Home Theater System

5 January 2017
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If you are planning to create a new home theater system, you probably have an idea of the components you wish to purchase. Of course you'll need audio and video, as well as seating, but there's a lot more to keep in mind as you create your home theater environment. Among other things, you'll want to ensure you have proper lighting, good choice and placement of speakers, and the best height for your TV. If you consider the following dos and don'ts for putting together your home theater system, you'll be off to a positive start:

1. DO Place Your TV or Projector Screen at the Appropriate Viewing Height

When setting up a high definition TV or projector screen, many individuals make the common mistake of placing the screen too high. While it may seem convenient and space saving to mount your TV high on the wall, this may not be a good idea. The reason is simple: it can cause considerable eye and neck strain to look upwards for a long stretch of time. For this reason, it's best to keep the center of your screen at eye level when seated.

2. DON'T Forget the Importance of Lighting

While you're concentrating on your viewing and sound experience, don't forget the necessity of proper lighting for your home theater. Good ambient lighting will prevent viewers from being distracted by bright lights and reflection. You must avoid any lighting which may cause a reflection on your screen, and, if possible, consider lighting with a dimming switch option, so you may adjust the light as you see fit.

You might wish to choose recessed lighting, as it will provide low level light for TV viewing. Recessed lights (sometimes referred to as can lights) set into the ceiling and they are not obtrusive or distracting as some other choices tend to be. With a wide range or trims and housing available, you can customize your recessed lights to complement your home theater design. Choose from LED recessed lights, low voltage halogen, or miniature can lights.

Fiber optic strips are another idea for your home theater lighting. If your home theater room has a drop ceiling, consider fiber optic tiles made with fiberglass and LED lights. You can purchase fiber optic star ceiling kits for dramatic special effects. If you don't wish to install the fiber optic lighting on the ceiling, consider installation along the baseboard.

Task lights installed alongside individual seating is another option. This can be a simple as placing small table lamps between seats. However, if you plan on installing a complicated lighting system, it's a good idea to enlist the services of a professional.

3. DO Choose the Right Speakers for an Apartment or Small Area

While it's tempting to go all out and set up powerful surround sound stereo speakers, it may not be practical in an apartment or small room. Not only might you disturb the neighbors, but you won't achieve good quality sound if you do. For smaller areas, consider a good quality sound bar. Modern sound bars are compact in size and don't require a lot of space. They can deliver a rich deep sound, however.

4. DON'T Forget to Plan for the Future

As trends change and technology evolves, you need to plan for future upgrades. Your home theater system and room should be created in a way that allows for future integration and upgrades. Do you have room to expand your cables later on? You might want to consider installing a large cable conduit to route your electrical wiring as your system grows at a later time.

5. DO Add Some Theater-Enhancing Props and Replicas

For the ultimate home theater experience, consider accessories and props that simulate a genuine movie theater environment. Take it one step further than merely hanging movie posters on the wall. Consider an illuminated theater sign for the wall. Movie reel drink coasters to hold your beverages will add a nice touch. What about an illuminated, wall mounted candy case to hold your theater-box candy? You might order a concession stand as well. There are so many choices to consider, so let your imagination fly. 

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